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Who We Are

An innovative approach,

using new methods of manufacturing.

Located in Southern California, Where fabrication meets elegance.

Dynamize Design & Manufacturing is an in house fabrication and design company dedicated to decreasing waste in our industry. As a result, we fabricate, design, and print you or your brand's story sustainably. From concept to completion we've set out to make the impossible, possible with Dynamize Design & Manufacturing.

Dynamize Design & Manufacturing

Our Mission

Dynamize Manufacturing

There are many reasons why manufacturing is important. Manufacturing plays a key role in the economy by creating jobs, supporting innovation, and generating wealth. Manufacturing is also essential for the delivery of essential goods and services, such as food, medicine, and shelter.


Despite the importance of manufacturing, the industry has been in decline in recent years. This is due in part to the globalization of the economy and the rise of other manufacturing hubs around the world, such as China and India.


The decline of manufacturing has had a negative impact on the economy. For example, the loss of manufacturing jobs has contributed to the rise of income inequality and the decline of the middle class. In addition, the decline of manufacturing has made it difficult for the United States to compete in the global economy.


There are many challenges that need to be addressed in order to revitalize the manufacturing industry.

Our mission is to produce the highest quality products, using the latest technology and equipment available, while maintaining a safe working environment for our employees. We are committed to providing our customers with innovative solutions that meet their specific needs. We will continue to invest in our employees and our facilities to ensure that we remain a leading manufacturer in the industry.

Core Values


We use new and significantly improved production and delivery methods.


We build trustworthy relationships with companies and people that go beyond manufacturing.


At Dynamize Design we know the importance of making products and services accessible to all.


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Brandon Miller
Partner, Mechanical Engineer & Architect

Tel: 714-642-5888

Christian Longnecker
Partner, Designer & Illustrator

Tel: 808-989-8245

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