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Personal & Commercial Projects Welcome

At Dynamize Design & Manufacturing we have an experienced team of fabricators, designers, and engineers that all have unique skill sets that add depth and character to the business and products we manufacture.



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Instant Quoting
Attach a File

A Dynamize Representative will be in touch with you shortly. If this project is urgent please call us today at 714-932-3235.

Rapid Prototyping

No 3D File? No problem, our team of engineers can provide you with a quote on technical drawings in as fast as 2 business days.

Manufacturing on Demand

Through the use of advanced technologies and lean manufacturing principles we're able to reduce lead times, waste, and ultimately the cost of goods sold.

Design Services

Design Services are a critical part of the manufacturing process, as it helps to ensure that products are created efficiently and effectively. Our team of in-house design professionals will assist you throughout your ordering process.

Quality Materials

At Dynamize Design we pride ourselves on using the highest quality of materials for all projects. This ensures us that ALL Dynamize products are reliable and will endure whatever you throw at it.

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